Evenings and Weekends - A Novel Book Oisin McKenna

Evenings and Weekends - A Novel Book

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Are you just living for the evenings and weekends?

London, 2019. It’s the hottest June on record, and four old acquaintances lives are about to change forever…

Maggie is 30, pregnant and broke. Faced with a future in the home town she once fought to escape, she’s beginning to wonder if having a baby will be last spontaneous act of her life.

Ed, a bike courier, can’t wait to settle down with Maggie. But she doesn’t know that he has a secret history with Maggie’s best friend Phil.

Phil hates his office job and is living for the weekend. He lives in an illegal warehouse commune and is falling for his housemate, Keith. There’s just one problem: Keith already has a boyfriend, and Phil doesn’t know if there’s room for one more person in the relationship.

Then there’s Rosaleen, Phil’s mother. She’s just been diagnosed with cancer and is travelling to London to tell Phil, if she can ever get hold of him.

Set over two blisteringly hot days in the feverish capital, this is an addictive drama, painfully relatable to anyone living for the evenings and weekends.

Author Oisin McKenna
Format Hardback
Pages 320
ISBN 9780008604172

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