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We're Manchester's longest running LGBTQ+ bookshop, launching back in March 2020. We stock 100s and 100s of LGBTQ+ books in store and online. Everyone loves a gay bookshop, right? Even better, one that shares it's profits with charity! Pop in to see us in Afflecks in Manchester City Centre or buy online. Can't find what you're looking for? Drop us a message and we can order any book in for you.
Bimini Bon Boulash Release the Beast - A Drag Queen's Guide to Life

ONLY £13.25 (RRP £16.99)

Bimini Bon Boulash is the nation's sweetheart, capturing hearts and minds as the gag-inducing, death-dropping, plant-based breakout star of RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 2. Not only did she make us laugh and cry, she showed us how to develop a Positive Mental Attitude and live happily and healthily outside society's idea of 'normal'.

Telling the story of how drag took her from the brink of self-destruction to the mainstage, as well as life lessons drawing on convention-breaking icons from Kate Moss to Katie Price, in this book Bimini uses all her wit, charm and kindness to show us how to lead the lives we wish we could lead, through the life-changing magic of dragging up.

The Transgender Issue - An Argument for Justice Book (Signed Copy)
The Transgender Issue - An Argument for Justice Book (Signed Copy)

The Transgender Issue - An Argument for Justice Book (Signed Copy)

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In this powerful new book, Shon Faye reclaims the idea of the 'transgender issue' to uncover the reality of what it means to be trans in a transphobic society. In doing so, she provides a compelling, wide-ranging analysis of trans lives from youth to old age, exploring work, family, housing, healthcare, the prison system and trans participation in the LGBTQ+ and feminist communities, in contemporary Britain and beyond.

The Transgender Issue is a landmark work that signals the beginning of a new, healthier conversation about trans life.

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Lawrence Chaney - Drag Queen of Scots!

ONLY £13.99 (RRP £16.99)

In Lawrence (Drag) Queen of Scots, the loch ness legend themself, takes us through the struggles faced to get to where they are now.

From a little boy feeling self-conscious and turning to humour to avoid being bullied, to finding drag as a vehicle towards confidence and self-love. With their top tips on everything from padding and make-up to building your own drag community, you''ll have all you need to strut your way to the top, too.