Sparkle - The National Transgender Charity

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One of the charities we support is Sparkle - The National Transgender Charity (Registered Charity Number 1134725).

They organise the annual Sparkle Weekend, the world’s largest free-to-attend celebration of gender diversity, held in Sackville Gardens at the heart of Manchester’s Gay Village

They also support positive representation, awareness and acceptance of the Trans, Non-Binary/Genderfluid and Intersex community through their events, communications, advocacy and arts projects

Alongside this, Sparkle provide advice, training and support to businesses, not-for-profit organisations, and the public sector.

​Sparkle are entirely volunteer-led, and one of their core values to is that their events remain free-to-attend and accessible to everyone.

For more information about Sparkle and the services and events they organise, or to make a donation to their work visit