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One of the charities we support is George House Trust (Registered Charity Number 1143138).

George House Trust has been providing HIV information, support and advice services since 1985.

Back in 1985, six gay HIV activists set-up Manchester AIDSline in response to the onset of the HIV epidemic in Manchester.  Manchester City Council subsequently formed an ‘AIDS Working Party’ and the North Western Regional Health Authority began to support Manchester AIDS Line financially.

George House Trust was officially launched in 1990 with a very clear vision - for all people living with HIV in the North West to live healthily and be free from stigma and discrimination.

They provide high quality services to people living with HIV, focusing on empowerment and living healthy full lives. George House Trust also raise awareness of HIV, and encourage all sexually active people in the North West to know their HIV status.

George House Trust challenges HIV stigma and discrimination and aims to promote a better understanding of HIV and are proud to be a Community Partner of the ‘Undetectable Equals Untransmittable’ (U=U) Consensus Statement issued by the Prevention Access Campaign and strongly endorses the research-supported message that people living with HIV and with a sustained undetectable viral load cannot pass HIV to their sexual partners. 

Their amazing work has spanned decades. Back in the 1990s, they brought together all HIV charities across the North West to challenge the government’s downgrading of HIV and the very real threats to public funding. Then in the 2000s, they lobbied, along with many others, for the repeal of ‘Section 28’, which prohibited local authorities from promoting homosexuality in schools.

More recently, and following two cases where people were refused tattoos because they were HIV positive, they have been working with the 10 Greater Manchester Local Authorities to ensure that all tattooists in the area are aware of the fact that this is unlawful.  

The now traditional HIV candlelit vigil at the end of Manchester Pride's Big Weekend was also established by George House Trust.

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