Gay Pride Rainbow Beach Towel Extra Large


  • Product Description

      It's the towel that is so unique, it featured on Dragon's Den! This gay pride rainbow beach towel is like no other beach towel available and we're delighted to be stockists. Once you've tried one of these towels, you'll never go back to normal beach towels.

      • Extra Large size is massive 35 inches x 78 inches (89cm x 199cm)
      • Quick dry - dries 3 times quicker than a normal cotton towel
      • Made of a patented mix of a smooth micro-fibre (80% polyester, 20% polymide), which means it takes up less than half the room in your suitcase to a normal towel
      • Comes in a handy draw bag so it's easy to carry to the beach
      • Sand doesn't stick to it - so no more sandy suitcases
      • Big enough to cover a sun bed
      • Has an elastic hook so you can hang it out to dry
      • Plus the outer plastic packaging is now 100% biodegradable

      Buy this towel from us and we'll also donate 30% of the profits to LGBTQ+ charities.