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It Ain't Over Til the Bisexual Speaks - An Anthology of Bisexual Voices Book

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'Bisexuality allows for so many ways to desire and to express that desire. Plurality is at the heart of bisexuality' The bisexual experience is, by necessity, incredibly diverse - we are likely to be attracted to different genders, form part of multiple marginalised groups, and be perceived (depending on the gender of our partner) in wildly different ways. This anthology is a radical and ambitious attempt to capture the incredible multiplicity of bisexual identities.

With essays that unpack the intersectionality and conflict of bisexuality with history, language, sexual violence, class identity, religion, polyamory, gender critical ideology, fatness, trans activism, the asylum system, literature and anarchy - this collection of bi voices demands to be heard. With contributions from Shiri Eisner, Hafsa Qreshi, Zachary Zane, Heron Greenesmith, and many, many more...

Author Lois Shearing & Vaneet Mehta
Format Paperback
Pages 224
ISBN 9781839971952

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