About Bliss - Fighting for My Trans Son&

About Bliss - Fighting for My Trans Son's Life, Joy, and Fertility Book

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Cristina's son was about to embark on gender-affirming care that would likely cause infertility, when she realised the need to support both her child and the adult he would become, and give him the right to have children of his own. In doing so she discovered a future - where living your life authentically doesn't mean giving up your fertility - that may be accessible to many, many more trans people in the coming years.

Through interviews with trans thought leaders, letters to her son, and missives about the struggle for reproductive rights of trans people, as well as practical advice for parents, Cristina weaves together a tapestry of voices from the trans community to tell a story that has never been told before -- of transformation, and hormones, and hope.

An amazing resource for parents of children undergoing gender affirming care, and a beautiful meditation on the euphoria and challenge of transition.

    "An indispensable resource for anyone who has a child, a relative, a neighbour or a student who is gender nonconforming. More informative than any memoir, and more deeply personal than the usual guidebook, About Bliss is invents a new hybrid form to provide the blueprint for an informed and loving ally-ship. This book will help us build a better and more gender-compassionate world."
    Benjamin Anastas, author of the memoir Too Good to Be True

    "For those of us who support our trans kids but may not have all of the answers or even the right questions, 
    About Bliss is a godsend. Cristina Spencer's journey with her son, her courage and compassion, and her hard-won knowledge and wisdom are illuminating and inspiring. We need this book."
    Clifford Thompson, author of What It Is: Race, Family, and One Thinking Black Man’s Blues and Big Man and the Little Men: A Graphic Novel
    Author Cristina Olivetti
    Format Paperback
    Pages 280
    ISBN 9781805010395

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