UK Gay Pride Calendar 2020

Here's our 2020 Pride event listings for the UK & Ireland. Many of the UK & Irish towns and cities have not yet published their 2020 dates, so we'll keep updating this page.

It's amazing how much the LGBTQ pride movement has grown over recent years. There will be over 100 events in 2020, with many towns launching their very first pride for the first time!

If your event is not listed here or you would like us to make any changes, please contact us.


Date  Pride Event website
TBC Banbury Pride

TBC Barry Pride

TBC Belfast Pride
TBC Bolton Pride
Bournemouth Pride

Bradford Pride

TBC Calderdale Pride

Canterbury Pride

TBC Cardiff / Cymru Pride

TBC Channel Islands Pride

TBC Chester Pride
TBC Congleton Pride

TBC Coventry Pride

TBC Cumbria Pride

TBC Deptford Pride
TBC Derby Pride
TBC Dorchester Pride
TBC Dundee Pride
Durham Pride

TBC Eastleigh Pride
TBC Essex Pride

Exeter Pride

TBC Folkestone Pride

Forest Gate Pride (East London)

TBC Foyle Pride

TBC Gloucestershire Pride
Great Yarmouth & Waveney Pride


TBC Glasgow Pride

TBC Hampshire Pride

TBC Happy Valley Pride

TBC Harrogate Pride

TBC Hastings Pride

TBC Hertfordshire Pride
TBC Hull Pride

TBC Keighley Pride

Lancaster Pride

TBC Leicester Pride

TBC Limerick Pride
TBC Lincoln Pride
London Pride

TBC Margate Pride

TBC Morecambe Pride
TBC Newry Pride

Nottinghamshire Pride
TBC Oldham Pride
Oxford Pride

TBC Perthshire Pride

Portsmouth Pride

TBC Preston Pride

TBC Reading Pride

Rochdale Pride
TBC Sheffield Pride
TBC Southampton Pride
TBC Southend-on-sea Pride
TBC Stockport Pride
TBC Stoke On Trent Pride
Suffolk Pride
TBC Sunderland Pride
TBC Surrey Pride
TBC Swale Pride
TBC Swindon & Wiltshire Pride
TBC Tameside Pride
TBC Tunbridge Wells Pride
TBC Weymouth & Portland Pride
TBC Wigan Pride
TBC Worcestershire Pride
TBC Worksop Pride


21 February 2020 Student Pride


2 May 2020 Swansea Pride
23-24 May 2020 Birmingham Pride
30 May 2020 Grampian Pride
1 June 2020 Northumberland Pride
5-7 June 2020 Blackpool Pride

6 June 2020

York Pride
6 June 2020 Chase Pride

6 June 2020

Trans Pride Northern Ireland
13 June 2020 Cambridge Pride
13 June 2020
Salisbury Pride
20 June 2020 Edinburgh Pride
20 June 2020 Exmouth Pride
20 June 2020 Salford Pride / Pink Picnic
20 June 2020
Crewe Pride
27 June 2020 Colchester Pride
27 June 2020 Silloth Pride
11 July 2020 Bristol Pride
11 July 2020
Rotherham Pride
11 July 2020 Worthing Pride
12 July 2020 UK Black Pride
18 July 2020 Croydon Pride
18 July 2020 Brighton Trans Pride
18 July 2020 Nantwich Pride
18 July 2020 Newcastle Pride
18 July 2020
Eastbourne Pride
18 July 2020 Isle of Wight Pride
19 July 2020 Chesterfield Pride
25 July 2020 Liverpool Pride
25 July 2020 Norwich Pride
25 July 2020 Malvern Pride
1 August 2020 Brighton Pride
2 August 2020 Leeds Pride
8 August 2020
Plymouth Pride
8 August 2020 Doncaster Pride
8 August 2020 Yeovil Pride
9 August 2020 Wakefield Pride
22 August 2020
King's Lynn & West Norfolk Pride
22 August 2020 Gravesham pride
22 August 2020 Warwickshire Pride
29 August 2020 Manchester Pride
29 August 2020 Cornwall Pride
29 August 2020 Walsall Pride
5 September 2020 Totnes Pride
5 September 2020 Basildon Pride
12 September 2020 Barnsley Pride
12 September 2020 Milton Keynes Pride