Pictures On Our Website

Our website pictures

Does the product you've received bought look slightly different to the item you saw online? Every effort is made to ensure the images on our website are a fair representation of the products we sell, but we can't guarantee this. There are several reasons why the pictures online might look different.

  1. Our photos of the products have all been taken in a studio with white LED lights, which can make some items look more vivid or brighter, or make some colour shades look different.
  2. The actual products you receive may look different in daylight or some types of artificial light sources, rather than our studio lighting.
  3. The images on our website may also look different online depending on the type of device you used to view our website and how bright your screen was at the time.
  4. The products we sell are mass produced in over 30 different countries and there will always be differences in manufacturing processes, or between different batches of products made in different factories, which can also affect colours or shades.
  5. We can not be held responsible if the item you have received is a slightly different colour shade, however we do accept returns in line with the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014 (detailed below).