Poems from a Melancholic Panda Book
Poems from a Melancholic Panda Book

Poems from a Melancholic Panda Book

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Kolin Richmond-Hughes's first collection of poems concerns itself with cats, loss, the environment, gender issues and melancholy. He found that writing poetry was a vehicle to channel his anxieties and observations of his personal and external world.

Brought up in the North West of England, he writes about his own battles with depression and about sexual identity...through a raw and sometimes witty narrative. He is an inclusionist poet who strives to bring the reader into his melancholic but hopefully light-hearted world.

Poems from a Melancholic Panda is the alter ego inner narrative that gives a voice to these original verses. It's a queer poetry book comprising of 55 poems, on the themes of gender issues, loss, the environment and cats. The main purpose of the author’s poems is to remember queer people with no legacy. Through his poems, the author tried to include the readers into his melancholic world.

A percentage of the poems are written from first had accounts of what gay friends have gone through, some are tongue in cheek and "Sackville Park" is an acknowledgment to Manchester's drag queens, who in some cases no longer with us.

Author: Kolin Richmond-Hughes
Format: Paperback
Pages: 94
ISBN: 9781528949989

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