PM2.5 Activated Carbon Face Mask Filters (10 Pack)
PM2.5 Activated Carbon Face Mask Filters (10 Pack)

PM2.5 Activated Carbon Face Mask Filters (10 Pack)

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Replacement filters for any face masks that include a pocket to insert them into.

These filters have 5 layers of protection: 

  • The first layer can filter micron-level dust.
  • The second layer filters industrial pollutants, car exhaust, second-hand smoke and pollen allergens.
  • The third layer of activated carbon cloth filters micron-level dust.
  • The fourth layer filter smaller materials.
  • The fifth layer filters out various harmful substances.

If you're considering ordering PM2.5 filters, the chances are that you already own a face mask and recognise the benefits that they can provide. Adding an air filter takes the effectiveness of your face covering to the next level, vastly increasing its ability to filter out the tiny airborne particles that we breathe in all the time but cannot see.

These particles are known as 'particulate matter', hence the PM in the product name. The 2.5 part refers to the size of the particulate in micrometres - an extremely small measurement visible only when using a microscope. PM 2.5 filters are designed to filter our particles that measure 1/400th of a millimetre or larger, including things such as vehicle emissions, smoke, mould spores, dust and many others.

They measure 120 x 80mm. 

We understand that some people need to be discreet. Everything we send out is in plain packaging with no reference to Gay Pride Shop.

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